Being Big, Bright & Beautiful

(pic of SON holding up the sun)

Let's choose to work together, be friendly & sustainable. To do this we must think creatively & take different action to most others in our world.

Design thinking, positive decision making & action are the keys to making our world a better place.

The way to develop something big, bright & beautiful is phase by phase, one small step at a time...

Innovative & Intuitive Thinking

pic of PAN, BAM & FRIENDS holding hands)

We are a group who work together to bring exciting new things & processes into existence.

We are a team driven community with alternative & positive views on how to get jobs done.

We are interested in old things & processes - understanding the world as it is.

We are excited about building new processes & products, & developing ways to serve everyone who is alive...

Creating Collaboratively

(Systems image showing PANBAM & FRIENDS creating bubbles)

To make something original happen, we have to create alternative ways of doing life to existing social norms, markets, & mainstream ways that the big wide world out there have.

The best way forward for each of us is through 'positive action'.

We can choose to be full of hope, reach out & inspire others.

Let's live bubbly lives & encourage each other to choose to actively solve local and global needs.

Our mission is to come together:
+ You & I have great authority when we unite together!
+ We have the chance to prepare, plan and take action together to do great good.
+ Our authority and capacity is far greater than we understand.