6. Solutions

Improve and finalise ideas by developing your Concepts, while thinking about how to produce the best Outcome for the Brief.

Creating developed Solutions involves building upon Concepts – turning rough ideas into more refined designs.

Look at all of the Concepts, and choose a few of the best ones to improve on. Be experimental with drawing, & don’t be afraid to cut up photos or printed images, alter them & tape them into a book! To most effectively develop Solutions, you must be able to justify each of your drawings, models or diagrams with annotated writing.

* Each time you think about a new Solution – draw it, and write about how the situation could be improved. If you think that the idea has merit, then consider drawing or modelling various different versions of the same development.

NOTE: Using a computer alongside hand-drawn designs will most effectively bring you to create vibrant and original solutions. Computers produce very tidy results, but in the stage where you are developing solutions you should prioritise creativity and spontaneity over neatness.


• Look into creating the product out of different types of materials.
• Think about making the product larger or smaller.
• Consider whether the lifespan of the product should be lengthened or shortened; and how –

+ How can the product be enhanced, renewed, fixed, or updated?
+ When is the product expected to expire/break down?
+ How could the product get disposed of/recycled?