8. Reflect

Write about your experience, how you worked with others, and how the project could have been improved.

* Reflection should be a restful writing process that is repeated regularly.


Ask yourself some questions:

• What is working well in the project?
• How can my work be improved?
• What am I doing a great job of?
• Where have I gone wrong?
• When have I slipped up?
• How can I improve?
• What is our team vibe like?
• Is each person in our team doing what they are good at?
• Should we change some things? If so, what should we change?
• How can I personally help other members of my team to perform better?
• Why is this project not complete yet?! And what do we have to do to get there!?

Reflecting is more of a private & personal process than reviewing. You do not have to share your reflections with others, however they are likely to be very insightful!