9. Review

Write a statement that determines the overall success of the Outcome. Assess the value of, or qualities of the solution that has been created.

Look back through the Design Cycle, and all of the experiences that you have had. Write at least two paragraphs about the completed product while thinking about all of the research, concepts, solutions, outcome created, and interactions that you have had with stakeholders.

Written reviews are useful in a number of mediums for the news media, magazines & other publicity. But the review process is most useful in the field of DESIGN, because it embraces the insight of a number of different people - who can feed back to make a product or service better!

1. Use the language of a salesperson to write about the final solution; stating its’ positive features.
2. Write about what should be developed and improved next.


• What was your first reaction when you saw this product?
• Was there something particularly quirky or attractive about it, or does it appear ordinary, plain & boring, etc?
• What is the product’s function? Does it work well? EXPLAIN
• Do you find it pleasing to look at?
• What do you like/dislike?
• Is this fit to be a saleable product yet? WHY/WHY NOT?