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An idea usually starts with one person sharing what they imagine!

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Bringing an idea to life could be the power of two people working together in harmony, four people actively developing what they envisage, or it can be a project involving large communities.

The idea is to bring a diverse range of contributors together - uniting to plan, prepare & reach out to take action for the greater good.

Together our authority & capacity is great.


Visionary Thinking

At first we must be sparked by visionary thoughts. When we design something great, it starts out with an extraordinary idea or dream.

Secondly, we have to find out how our bright ideas bright thoughts serve a purpose in the world.

When creating solutions, creatives have to build platforms for others to move and create on. We must motivate others to combine their resources & actively work together

This works when we agree that a life situation should be improved. We must identify what the problems are - then decide to have a go at fixing them!

Example: A group of parents might agree that their children are not learning enough at school. But instead of complaining to the teacher, or blaming the government - they decide to work together, study and understand the education system, then combine their knowledge to create new resources for learning.

We design a new way forward, trial our ideas, improve, then expand into our local community and beyond.
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Design Thinking

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Values Decision Making

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Collaborative Action

As creative visionaries, our aim is to use the resources available to solve a problem, by first developing phase by phase within a community, then to invite others to join us in expanding what is working well..

Improving What We Have

  • Collaborative success example -

    One of the strongest and most observably powerful creative movements in the world is shown in the development ‘Open Source Software’. The process involves computer enthusiasts, programmers, designers and specialists from any profession working together to create web tools and applications where the source code, databases and information that is used to make the software is made freely available to the public. This is done so that hundreds, thousands, or millions of contributors can work together to improve the tool, and adapt it for their use, and at the same time relay their own changes back - as a result the quality, reliability and accessibility improves!

    Open source software is amazing, & today provides the most common platform for all major computers, Internet servers and a large op of applications made.

  • Examples

    Learn About Open-Source Software

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